Finally! The Circle-V problem gets addressed.

Why the St Louis va’ad didn’t have a copyright claim or failed to pursue it doesn’t matter anymore. They have decided to give in to the Vegan symbol people and changed the symbol the va’ad uses.



WOW – the OU does rennet cheese!

Seen at Traders Joe, May 2018 the  Gorgonzola Cheese Crackers: animal rennet kosher cheese – not just one, but several. and one of them even Blue Cheese.


Another January with expired Teuda

Was at the store the other day, and sure enough , once again the Teuda was expired with no updated one showing.

Problem 1: people are still not serving as their own 1st defense in keeping Kosher.

Problem 2: why don’t the cooking utensils need to be replaced or koshered?

I asked this last year and I’ll ask again now – what is the point of having a Teuda if the population is not going to bother to read it and if expired ones are left up?


I suppose not illegal but oy-vey

So the product has the word Kosher on its label, no hechsher symbol or statement.
sunfood perhaps it really is. but mulberries tend to be buggy, so really should have hechsher. What makes the situation worse is that many of Sunfood’s products DO have a hechsher along with the word Kosher, and how many consumers will just see the word Kosher and not look specifically for the hechsher.


Passed Bread – how does this work?

Maybe someone will tell me that it doesn’t.  I saw this among many in a grocery story on April 16th. Based on the date of the plastic ‘clinch plastic tab’ (not shown in photo)
the bread was baked on April 11. How then is there a hechsher on the bag? How is it possible that any hashgacha was going on the first days of Pesach? How likely is it that the bakers knew that no mashgiach was going to be there?

Yet there it is , the bread in a bag with a hechsher on it. Which tells me that these bags are not kept in a secure place.

Is it halachically permissible to make money on Pesach from actual Chometz?

Another packaging worry

yes, it is ice cream and not meat. but still – it would seem that this product is put together at a plant that does multiple brands and products.


the package is not a tamper-proof box.  more worryingly, the actual products do not have an identifying label. it is just a plain whitish color. That is the “block” that is on top of the box. So I am not sure there is even one valid “sign” for the items.

Aside from kashrus, as a regular consumer, I’d be a bit worried that the icecream sandwich was actually supposed to be in that box or did the packaging plant make any mistakes in assigning sandwiches to boxes.


Wine labels

Why can’t wine labeling be done in a proper manner to let people know all they should need to know?


I think -OK- is doing it in an extremely bad manner.castel

With the Recanti , a consumer is forced to look at the back label as there is no supervision information on the front. Still, the information about Shmita should have been made to stand out. And is this mevushal or not.?
The Blanc du Castel label is made worse by the supervision information on the front label but not the information that the wine is not mevushal. But with the front label information, how many will check the back label?

Meal Mart puzzle

I can not figure out what the 2 simanym are for frozen mealmart chopped meat.

seems to be just one piece of plastic wrapped around. So it is not the packaging. I presume the label saying it is MealMart with the kashrus symbols. but what is the 2nd? the packaging does not say what to look for.


Wrapping up airline food

Got an explanation from multiple sources that the double wrapping kosher airline food gets is not a Halacha or something requested by supervising agencies.

Meat items do require the double wrapping as part of the symonym (read the labels). For hot food items, a double wrapping while the food is heated up is required. However, all the other double wrappings are there because the airline wants them.