Teuda – worth the paper?

Are teuda’s important? required? Here we have a teuda that frustrates and confuses me.


This photo was taken towards the end of February 2017. I smudged some of the photo as some of my comments are not specific to this teuda or agency.

First off, why is this still up? Worse, it was posted in a place that would be more likely seen than the correct current teuda. To me, this shows at best sloppiness on the part of the agency and its mashgiach, which only makes me wonder if they could miss this what else are they missing. It also shows that community members don’t bother to look at things closely, even basic documentation.

Next: the “Mashgiach T’midi” claim. There isn’t unless one gets really expansive with what the term means.
there is not a religious Jew there all the time, when there is such a person there quite often they are employees of the store and there is rarely such a person around the deli area in question. In this case that is important because it is not a section that is “behind a counter” and requires a person to service you. Quite the opposite, it is in the middle of the general shopping area. In fact the first time I went looking for this section I missed it since the endcap was for Boar’s Head meats and condiments.

Next: “each package containing meat must be completely closed with two kosher seals bearing reliable kosher supervision.” The sticking point is the “reliable” clause. How am I supposed to know who is “reliable”? Isn’t it part of the job of the agency to ensure that such items that are not of “reliable” supervision are kept out of this section?

Next: the term “seals”. What is meant by that? Labels that are stuck on or printed on anywhere or labels that are sticky and placed in such a manner that it is evident if they were tampered with?

That is enough for now. There are (at least) a couple of more items to discuss but I don’t want to pile on in one shot. And as I said, some of the mentioned items above are not unique to this situation and agency.


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